St. Charles Council on Aging, Inc. was formally organized in December of 1973. In April of 1974, funds were awarded by the Bureau of Aging Services and the St. Charles Parish Police Jury to operate a program for the elderly of St. Charles Parish. The St. Charles Council on Aging was incorporated as a non-profit organization on January 12, 1976.
The St. Charles Council on Aging, Inc. is designated as a private non-profit organization serving as the Area Agency on Aging for St. Charles Parish, the Planning and Service Area (PSA). The Agency administers a service system that is coordinated and comprehensive while at the same time providing the level of services to meet the needs of the elderly individuals and support to the family of those receiving St. Charles Council on Aging, Inc. seeks adequate resources to provide stable funding to meet those needs.
St. Charles Council on Aging, Inc. is governed by a thirteen (13) member Board of Directors. Volunteers representing communities throughout St. Charles Parish develop and oversee the administration of policies to govern the agency, procedures to administer programs and criteria for service delivery. The Board of Directors takes an active role in the development, implementation, and monitoring of budgets; service criteria and standards and strives to promote programs and services of the agency to the community. Standing Committees meet on a regular basis to review input from the staff and to update and revise policies. In addition, ad hoc or special committees are appointed for specific tasks as needed.
A twenty-one (21) member Advisory Council is responsible for planning, developing, and evaluating services. Members of the Advisory Council serve on all Standing Committees of the Board of Directors.
 The paid staff of the St. Charles Council on Aging, Inc. administers, supervises, and provides services of St. Charles Council on Aging, Inc.