Personal Care

Providing personal assistance, stand-by assistance, supervision or cues for eligible homebound persons with the inability to perform with one or more of the following activities of daily living: eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, transferring in and out of bed/chair or walking.

Routine Personal Care

  • Assisting client/patient with bathing or giving bed baths

  • Assisting client/patient with grooming (i.e. shaving, washing of hair)

  • Helping patient to dress

  • Assisting client/patient with oral hygiene

After Personal Care

  • Cleaning bathroom

  • Changing bed linens

  • Cleaning of bedroom area, as needed

Observation and Recording of Symptoms

  • Notification of physical and emotional changes in client/patient to supervising nurse and St. Charles Council on Aging, Inc.

Bed Patient Activities

  • Change in position for prevention of bed sores

  • Back rub and skin care

  • Moving patient in and out of bed

Bowel and Bladder Needs

  • Assisting to commode and bathroom if ambulatory

  • Changing diapers and assisting with bed pan

  • Safe and proper disposal of waste to avoid spread of disease    

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